Our Events

Here you will find a list of some of the events we offer here at Taunton YMCA Pre-School. Our events are designed to enable the children to build confidence and to share their learning with their families.

  1. Baby and Toddler Sale

    This year we are holding our first ever baby and toddler sale!
    It will be on Saturday 3rd November, from 2pm until 4pm in the YMCA main hall. If you are interested in having a table it will cost £15.00 and …

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  2. Sponsored Events

    We run various sponsored events throughout the year.
    On Monday the 15th October, we will be holding a sponsored toddle waddle! We will be going around Hamilton Park finding Autumn resources so that we can make a collage. All children will …

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  3. Graduation

    Our yearly graduation is a time for parents, staff and the children leaving us, to get together for a special leavers service. This is held in the YMCA main hall and all family members are welcome. This is usually an …

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  4. Christmas Service

    Our yearly Christmas service is a time for all children and their families to get together in Holy Trinity church (new venue as of 2017) and celebrate this special time of year. Children get a letter informing parents of what …

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  5. Easter Service / Harvest Festival

    Easter Service
    This year we held our very first Easter service at Holy Trinity church. This was a very successful event where all the children that attended got to wear a handmade Easter bonnet they had made at home with their …

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